Thursday, August 12, 2021

Not Going Quietly (2021) opens August 13

Ady Barkan is a n activist who developed ALS. Watching as Congress under Trump sought to cut health benefits for people like him, he went on the attack and spoke to congress. When he was on the same flight as Jeff Flake he asked him why Flake was looking for him to die. A video of the meeting went viral and put Bakan in the fore front of the fight to keep funding for healthcare

This is a good portrait of Barkan and his families fight for lives of not only of themselves but millions of other Americans. Its an important fight that needs to be fought. The film is also a very good portarit of Barkan and his family. W get a good sense of the man before he was sticken and how his family and friends circled around him.

Definitely worth a look if the subject interests you.

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