Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Brief thoughts on Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction (2021) which plays at the Japan Society 8/26 and 28 Japan Cuts 2021


Amusing story about the efforts to safe a failing magazine by various people, many of whom have their own agenda.

When I watch films at Japan Cuts I make a list of the films I want to see when the slate comes out and then I just watch them blind. I love going into the films blind and with no expectations. This made for a great experience for me since I went into the film and had no clue where it was going. I laughed and smiled and had a grand time watching great actors going through their paces.


KIBA FANGS OF FICTION plays at the Japan Society AUgust 26 and 28 and is worth making the trip.

For tickets go here.

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