Saturday, August 21, 2021

Directed By (2021) Chain Film Festival 2021

 This is a behind the scenes look at  the 2000 Oscars. Its made up of fly on the wall footage of the rehearsals and backstage areas.

If you love the Oscars or Hollywood this film is a must see. Its a look at the famous broadcast revealing things that you never realized were going on. It also has hysterical moments when people go off script (paging Robin Williams). There is a lot of fun stuff here...

However there is a huge caveat to whether you this film or not and that is how the film as shot. This was not shot with the intention of being released. The sound is exactly what the camera picked up. Additionally a lot of the video was shot from the back wall of the control room so we are watching the rehearsals on a screen. While it allows us to see some amazing things we have to forgive a lot of technical issues. 

On the other hand if you want a one of a kind view of the Oscars this is a must

DIRECTED BY plays the Chain Film Festival Available August 20, 7:00 PM - August 29, 11:45 PM, 2021 virtually and Wed, Aug 25th, 7:00 PM at the Chain Studio Theatre. Go here for tickets

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