Friday, August 20, 2021

Town WIthout the Sea (2021) Japana Cuts 2021

Happiness is something you don't notice even if it is sitting right next to you

In a small town a two teenage boy tty to find happiness. While they talk about life, study and play the drum they try to make sense of things. One grandfather says that he will know happiness when he sees two smoke stacks bending over each other this sets him on the road to ty and figure out what that means.

While we have been down this road before, TOWN WITHOUT SEA  score points because of the great characters that inhabit it. We genuinely like everyone on screen and want to spend time with them. I had aa blast and when the film was done I went back and rewatched several sequences.

One of my favorite films at Japan Cuts.

For information on screening the film virtually go here.

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