Wednesday, August 11, 2021



Mickey and Gin Gin decide to head off on the road to meet Gin’s boyfriend in China  while at the same time trying to track down Mickey’s parents who gave her up years before.

This is a moving road movie that nicely mixes humor with darkness. This is not a singing and dancing road film that is all one thing or another, it is instead like life, a mix of everything. I was moved by the films ebb and flow.

Best of all there are numerous moments that are going to stay with me for one reason or another. A scene of girls pole dancing on top of cars driving through a street is just a visual delight. The scenes of the women stealing food and drink of a shrine made me smile. Some of the later sequences with Mickey facing hard truths haunted my dreams with their echoes of family meetings I attended.

This is a special film and the sort of story that I love to discover at AAIFF.

Highly recommended

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