Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Snakehead (2021) AAIFF 2021 and NYAFF 2021


Sister Tse comes returns from Taiwan via a snakehead, a person who can get someone into the country illegally.  Tse isn't looking for the American dream, he is looking to find and reconnect with her daughter. Her refusal to not go along with the deal that brought her over puts her in conflict with the organization that wants its money.

Excellent drama/thriller is a tactile viewing experience. Watching the film I could feel the locations na physical way. For example rarely has New York's Chinatown ever felt right.

This is filmmaking at the highest level. This s a film that is so god it had me stopping it and rewatchng sections not just because I wanted to see the scene again, but because I wanted to see how the scene wa ut together. I am in love with the craft of this film.

I can't say enough  about this film - however I will keep it short and just say see this film.

SNAKEHEAD world premieres at AAIFF August 11 and plays NYAFF on August 22

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