Saturday, January 7, 2023

Racist Trees (2023) Palm Springs 2023

Racist Trees is about the efforts to remove a stand of trees in Palm Springs  that separated the main part of the city from the Crossley Gardens section. Crossely Gardens was a development created  to give people of color and those forced to move out of low cost housing a place to live.   The gardens was originally outside the city limits but was eventually swallowed up.

I really like this film. I like that we get  a sense of all the moving parts involved in the story. We get a great dose of history, a wonderful look at the people involved and an excellent look at the whole arc of the story from start to finish. That last point is important since in so many films of this type we feel as though we are coming in on a situation in the middle or the story is left hanging. That isn’t the case here, we feel as though we know it all.

Definitely worth a look when the film plays at the Palm Springs Film Festival. (Details can be found here)

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