Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best Laid plans yet again- and early Sunday nightcap

What is it they say about the best laid plans?

My plan of having a few weeks to get my real life in order kind of got blown away when I offered the chance to do some reviews for films playing at Fantasia. I jumped at the chance and I’ve been having a blast watching a whole bunch of films I never expected to be able to see. I’ve been averaging about 3 films a night- which as you can see has resulted in a flood of reviews. As of right now I have stuff programmed to the end of the festival on the 7th. I also have about 17 additional titles to try and cover. I have no idea how many I’m going to get to- but keep reading because more reviews will be coming. You may want to book mark the Fantasia tag so you can jump straight to our coverage. Additionally keep in mind that we banged out reviews of 25 films that played elsewhere so check the pre-festival post for a list of those films and a link to out reviews.
Ultimate Christian Wrestling is still trying to get enough money to finish it and I’m looking to get a t-shirt. Please give what you can to their Kickstarter campaign. Details here.
Tuesday at the KCS thay are running their next music film TURN IT UP TO ELEVEN 2: WILD DAYS details are here.
Speaking of K-pop and music Lincoln Center is running their Sound +Vision series which has some really good music documentaries playing

Additional at the end of the week the Film Society is starting their David Bowie series. Its full of the films in which he starred in, which means it’s a treat with films like THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, ZIGGY STARDUST and MERRY CHRISTMAS MR LAWRENCE. They are also showing two new to the US films from the BBC, The first is an hour long adaption of Bertolt Brecht’s BAAL (Yes it’s an hour not two as the promo material says) in which Bowie proves just how good an actor he is. The second is CRACKED ACTOR a documentary shot during the Diamond Dogs tour in LA. It’s a time capsule to a time when Bowie was on the edge of imploding. Filled with great music it’s a must see for fans. I’ll have reviews of both midweek, until then get your tickets here.

And now as is usual some links to round out this post, most thanks to our crack researcher Randi:
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Moebius  Tron Art
The Original Sky Captain short
Abandoned places
Tex Avery Model Sheets
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Mickey's Service Station
Dear Mr Watterson
Time Stretched Dr Who Theme
A Japanese Horror prank
Bully Can't Drive 55
An early David Lynch Interview
4 Minutes of Superman B Roll footage
The Unforgiven remake trailer

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