Saturday, July 27, 2013

Brief word on the brief Les Gouffres (2012) Fantasia 2013

After several huge caverns are discovered under a forest a woman's husband goes to investigate. While she waits for his return weird things begin to happen...

Running only 62 minutes (The Fantasia description lists a running time of 84 minutes which appears to include a short by the same director screening with this feature) the film is heavy on mood but I don't think it adds up to anything.  Its a great looking, wonderfully acted film where artistic things happen or don't . To be perfectly honest by the time the film ended I really didn't care. I got to a certain point where I disconnected and I tried to see if I could figure out how it was going to end...and damn I may not have gotten the details but I got the final shot.

Even at just over an hour I could have missed this one.

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