Friday, July 26, 2013

Missionary (2013) Fantasia 2013

Praying isn't going to help
A married but recently separated woman  living with her son meets a missionary and begins and affair. Things go south when she ends the affair and goes back to her husband...

This is the sort of film that under normal circumstances I really don't care for. I mean how many variations of this story have we seen before? On the other hand when its done really well, its worth sitting through the bad variations on the theme.

This time out it's done really well...and it's really good.

I have no idea why this works so well. I suspect that its a first rate cast that includes Dawn Olivieri and Kip Pardue manages to find extra traction with a script that manages to take a tired sub genre and turns it into something that looks brand new and shiny. If you're like me you know how this is going to end but you won't care because all of the little details make it the sort of thing that not only won't you mind watching once, but a couple of times as you share it with friends. Frankly I was about half way into the film and all I could think was when was I going to get a chance sit down with my dad and see this or recommend it to people so they could see it.

Yes I liked it.

Yes you should see it when it plays for the final time later today at Fantasia. (And if you can't make it put it on your list for films to keep an eye out for.)

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