Friday, July 26, 2013

Never underestimate little girls or After School Midnighters (HOKAGO MIDDONAITAZU) (2012) at FANTASIA 2013

Monsters are no match for these three ladies
Wickedly funny black as night animated film about three little girls who visit St Claire's Elementary School and trash the soon to be demolished science lab. The spirit of the anatomy model (Sir Kun aka Mr Naked) is pissed (they covered him in grafitti) and he sends out three gangster bunnies (named for Godfather characters) to bring the girls back for punishment. They get the girls to the school but not as expected. What follows is battle of the ghoulies and ghosties vs the little girls.

The ghoulies don't stand a chance.

Actually what follows is a series of tests as the girls are sent to survive the horrors of the night and collect three medals which will allow them to make a wish-hopefully to help the monsters remain in the science lab... They have to surive a challenge in the pool, another in the computer room, and lastly in the music room.

A  mix of cutesy and horrific this film is great deal of fun.Its  clever and funny and it has ideas and zingers that manages to transcend any flaws (some of the computer animation is just okay) simply by being so much damn fun. Full of puns, homages and riffs this is the sort of film I need to see a second time just to make sure I've gotten everything (including some sly commentary about why we know certain things like classical music). Several times during the film I was like, wait...what.. I need to see that again. 

I don't know where to start in listing the films joys,  so I've decided not to, and simply say keep your eyes out (and away from flies) for this wonderful unexpected confection.

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