Friday, July 5, 2013

Taking a break from the New York Asian Film Festival with links and video

Ring Cycle Posters outside the Met in February

We interrupt the coverage of the NYAFF for some tidbits and some links, basically this is the Sunday Nightcap on Friday. I’m moving things over because over the next ten days we’re going whole hog into the festival. One or more of us is going to be at the festival every day.  Mondocurry will be taking on the bulk of the coverage which is going to carry over to his  wading into Japan Cuts.
For the record I’m having a blast at the festival. I am worried about the Subway Cinema guys since they seem exhausted and the festival isn’t even half over yet. I hope they make it to the end without crashing.
I do want to say that over the next week a couple of the Unseen Films crews will be celebrating birthdays. Eden’s birthday is Sunday, so feel free to wish her a happy birthday. Ken’s Birthday is the 16th so feel free to send him well wishes as well.
I know we’ve been going whole hog into NYAFF and Japan Cuts, but I want to point out that over the next couple of weeks we’ll be wading into a bunch of recent releases,  I’ll have reviews up of Blackfish and Only God Forgives in time for their theatrical releases. I’m also putting on a couple of weeks of looks at recent Hollywood summer movies. Since man cannot live on small scale treasures alone we’ll have some words on some big Hollywood films.
I should also point out that just because we’re diving into the heart of Asia it doesn’t mean that other film festivals aren’t happening.  Next weekend as Asia moves to the Japan Society The Rocks off Film Festival is happening here in New York at the Kraine theater.

Also Latin Beat starts at Lincoln Center. This leads into their Sound  + Vision series and a David Bowie series and a Werner Herzog series.

On July 3 Chocko went to see BIG STAR NOTHING CAN HURT ME at the IFC Center. He loved the film. He loved it sooo much he wanted to drag me to see the film yesterday. He also insisted that I needed to see the Q&A which he filmed.

Here's the Q&A that was held at Times Scare with the cast of the remake of MANIAC Thanks to Chocko

And now some links thanks to John and Randi-

London Floating Cinema  returns July 27
Best of Creative Screenwriting interviews
Akira Concept Art
More Akira Art
The Road to Monsters U
John Carpenter's The Thing
Tenebre in Lego
What would video games look as classic cartoons?
Gromit Unleashed in Bristol
Actors performing their own stunts
Hiding away in your room

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