Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random bits and saying goodbye to NYAFF 2013

With tomorrow being the final night of the New York Asian Film Festival it's time to start to get back to a normal pace. yes we'll have reviews of the films that played at NYAFF and lots of coverage of Japan Cuts, but we'll be going back to a film a day that isn't connected to the festivals, it's time to get away from what has been a solid 3 weeks of Asian film at its best. Tomorrow the man known as Frank Grimes will chime in with a look at GG Allin and the documentary HATED. Also look for a late night report on the ROOFTOP the closing film of NYAFF.

As we reset the table for the rest of the summer and fall I want to just fill you in on a couple of things:

If don't already know I was asked by Twitch to contribute to their JAPAN CUTS preview piece. Many Thanks to Ben Umstead letting me be involved and for Peter Gutierrez for suggesting me. If you want to see it it can be found here.

An Unseen Films favorite,ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN WRESTLING, needs money to finish the film. To that end they've set up a Kickstarter campign to do what has to be done. If you can spare a couple of bucks why not throw it their way? Hell they quote one of our reviews in the promo video. Click here to donate.

And if you want to know how much we liked the film here's Unseen's Coverage from Last years Korean American Film Festival:
My review
Mr C on the film
Mondo's interview with the directors

I have a long piece on THE ACT OF KILLING coming. I was going to try and tie it into the theatrical release Friday but I've gotten overwhelmed by other things. One is coming and it take into more than just that one film.

There is a piece on the case at the center of FINDING THE FRIEDMANS. As you may or may not know the case was looked at by the Nassau DA who said that despite what the film inferred, there is enough evidence not to allow Friedman to take back his plea. I've read the report, talked to people connected with the case and friends of the filmmakers and it's clear the film is seriously flawed...but I'll get to that when I prune the piece down to human length.

Over the next couple of weeks expect to see some reviews for more recent releases. Yes I'm doing a week of recent blockbusters, but I've also been doing press coverage of some stuff timed to hit with the films theatrical releases.

With all the talk of The Lone Ranger tanking Forbes has an amazing piece on why it and other films go wrong. It can be found here.

Lastly a note to the people who have promised me material for coverage- if you don't send it I can't give you coverage. You guys contacted me.

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