Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nightcap 11/1/15 Randi's Videos and Links

If this represents the film I'll go, otherwise I'm skipping it.
This week there I've been busy with Halloween related festivities and other bits of insanity. so I didn't really prepare a nightcap- however Randi and John were sending me lots of links and videos so I've just put them out for your enjoyment.

Bauhaus costume parties
How giving trigger warnings broke a film professor
Haunted Broadway Theaters
The world's longest art gallery
A streaming Broadway Service
The hotel in the SHINING to become a horror attraction
Attack on Titan
Secrets of Art Forgery
Ticking timebomb off of the coast of England
1970's men's fashion (Mistakes)
Beautiful bikes
Greenwood Cemetery Tour
Dr Who Silver Linings complete adventure
The Bill Murray Problem

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