Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Cherry Tree (2015) Scary Movies 2015

Long a go a coven of witches made a deal with the devil under a cherry tree to arrange for the devil to have a child in exchange for great power. It all went horribly wrong and the coven and the witches were destroyed. However some people say not. Flash forward to now and a new coven of witches has arisen sacrificing people to the tree in the hope of keeping it and the pact with the devil alive. Fifteen year old Faith makes a deal with witches for her virginity and willingness to carry the devil's child in exchange for their healing her sick father. However as with any deal with the devil there are complications.

Just okay horror film plays out like a vast number of similar horror films producing no real scares and only a few cool moments. This is the sort of a film that kind of just is. Yea its not bad enough to turn off, but its not really good enough to ever watch a second time. To be certain the film does have some great looking makeup effects and killer pre-end credits sign off but not much else. The cast is uneven and many of the scenes are so brightly lit that no mood is generated.

My real question with this film is how the hell did this end up at Scary Movies. Good bad or indifferent the films usually have something some spark of specialness that makes me realize why the film is being shown. For me this film is so run of the mill that I can't see why Gavin Smith or Rufus de Rham would have picked it. Of course Laura Kern the other programmer may have picked it, but I can't in good conscious really think that anyone who loves horror would have picked this unless they had nothing else, or they love the final bit so much they are showing it for that. Truthfully that I could believe.

Do I recommend the film? Hard question. I would say if you're also seeing the film that follows this at Scary Movies WHAT WE BECOME yes, go for it. If you're not seeing it I'd wait until this film shows up streaming where you don't have to plunk down dollars to see it

THE CHERRY TREE plays November 4th at Lincoln Center's Scary Movies. For tickets and more information go here.

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