Monday, June 12, 2017

Black Code (2017) Human Rights Watch 2017

Black Code is a look at how nothing we do any more with computers and cellphones is private any more. Thanks to cloud computing, hacking and government interference nothing we do, short of on a private network not connected to the outside world, is beyond the reach of someone seeing it. While looking at the subject in general, it zeroes in on abuses in the third world such as Tibet and Brazil where the governments are using the social platforms to control dissent.

A great looking film, director Nicholas de Pencier is a cinematographer, the film is a great starting place for people who want a place to start to learn about the dangers of a connected society, but the film doesn’t break any new ground and if you’ve been following the news over the last few years you’ve probably encountered much of this information before.

While the film does get points for trying to balance the pros of a connected society with the cons, this is not a film I would insist everyone see, but instead suggest its best for anyone with an interest in the subject.

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