Sunday, June 4, 2017

Central Park (2017) Dances With Films 2017

After the fall of another Bernie Madoff type broker, a bunch of rich kids, including the investor's son decide to spend the night in Central Park unfortunately for them the sins of the father come hunting them.

Good little horror film is better than many recent slasher films thanks to it's NYC setting. While the Central Park location does create some logic gaps if you know the park and the city, the film does manage to keep you thinking about them for too long by keeping things moving.  There is simply a point where you just go with it and want to see how it all comes out.

While prone to many of the problems of most slasher films, the victims kind of are one note and interchangeable, the film compensates, or perhaps over compensates by having a large number of  subplots going on. The film is intent on not just being a straight forward horror film and making a commentary about the financial sins of the world.

While not the scariest film in the world, the film has some nice moments of tension. Best of all through its ups and downs the film never bores and is always entertaining.

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