Sunday, June 4, 2017

Charlie vs Goliath (2017) Dances With Films 2017

Being a democrat in Wyoming is like being a burr under a saddle

Even Jesus couldn't get elected in Wyoming if he ran as a Democrat

For those disgusted with the current political scene and it's big money campaigning CHARLIE VS GOLIATH is a breath of fresh air. Not to spoil anything but even though Charlie doesn't win the fact that he exists gives me hope.

Portrait of US Senate candidate Charlie Hardy. Hardy is a 75 year old former priest who wants to run a campaign where he is beholden to no one. Taking no money from corporations or PACs he battles the states big money senator who spends 50 times Hardy's $62,000.

Wonderful portrait of a man fighting the good fight even though he knows its doomed. Willing to work on a grassroots level and change one person's mind at a time Hardy just does what he has to do as his aides try to help do the impossible. I was moved and I was delighted.

And despite the loss I was left hopeful. Because he is a man of his word and is genuinely trying to make a difference watching how people slowly begin to move to him is refreshing. As someone says about Charlie, if you actually meet him you'll go over to his side. In a world where politicians just give empty words  and only inspire cynicism its nice that  someone is actually moving hearts and spreading hope.

While on some level, the film doesn't do anything special, its a straightforward political doc, but it does what it does supremely well and it inspires hope. I love this film a great deal and I can't wait to be able to share it- which is the best sort of rave I know.

For tickets or more information on the Jun 5th screening go here.

*NEW* Screening of the Political Documentary, @charlievsgoliath on Thur, June 8 at @barnsdallpark / @barnsdallarts: #RunWithCharlie:

Featured Presentation by the Hollywood Diversity Association at the Barnsdall Gallery in LosAngeles.

Q&A with Director, Reed Lindsay & Charlie Hardy moderated by "One On One With Jasper Cole" host, Jasper Cole, immediately following film.

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