Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hearing is Believing (2017)

Portrait of musician and composer Rachel Flowers. Rachel was born 15 weeks premature and lost her sight soon after. Rachel however has an incredible talent for music and could play anything she heard from ear. She also can play a wide variety of instruments and is an accomplished composer.

A solid portrait of a young composer who is slowly stepping on to the world stage HEARING IS BELIEVING does everything you'd expect from a film like this. Covering several years in Rachel's life we see how her blindness isn't slowing her down. We watch has her music is written, performed  and how she meets and plays with people like Dweezil Zappa. It is, as you'd expect a moving portrait.

While hitting the expected notes, the best part of the film are the small unexpected moments like Rachel going out with her dad, who is now losing his sight and helping him to adjust to going blind.


HEARING IS BELIEVING hits theaters Friday and will be available on VOD Tuesday.

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