Friday, June 30, 2017


A writer wishing to have his memories removed (kind of like ETERNAL SUNSHINE) finds that someone has implanted memories instead indicating that he is a murderer. With time ticking down before the memories become permanent he must race to discover who did it to him and why.

Solid and engrossing, if a tad too deliberately paced film is a nice change of pace for New York Asian Film Festival with a thoughtful science fiction thriller instead of a slam bang action one.  This is one of those film that is better, or at least different  than it's late night slot indicates (its not as exploitive as one might think) and deserves to be seen outside of the crush of a festival where it is going to get lost. This is one of those films that takes a premise we've seen before, dresses it up in some fancy clothes (techno steampunk) and then proceeds to bend the tale to its own ends and in unexpected ways.

I really liked this film a great deal (it's one of my favorite films of NYAFF) and I want to revisit it down the road away from the crush of the rest of the festival.

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