Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cassidy Red (2017) Dances with Films

Piano player in a western saloon tells the story of Joe Cassidy to a beaten up and beaten down prostitute after hours one night. Cassidy was a young woman who was loved by two men. When the one she didn't love sent word to her that her lover was dead she rode into town to get revenge but it was a trap to make her suffer...stuck in a jail cell with the man she loves next door, the lovers have to try to escape before the sun comes up and the hangman comes.

Infinitely better than most recent westerns I've seen. CASSIDY RED is great little romance/western/revenge drama. This is nice little film with bittersweet edge that is going to thrill both western and non western fans alike. How can it not since the film is beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and has a couple of wicked action scenes that keep things interesting.  It is in it's way all that one could ask from a film, and a western.

If I was to quibble about anything with the film it's that the film is a bit too knowing. The opening sequence where the piano player begins to tell his tale is a tad too formal  and kind of keeps us at a distance from the action. Had the film been like the spaghetti westerns whose title sequences the film covers, the film would have dispensed with the artifice and just went with it. Ultimately its a minor quibble and CASSIDY RED is a stunning film.

Very recommended for anyone going to Dances with Films this Friday.

For tickets and more information go here.

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