Monday, April 9, 2018

A retrospective of Alan Rudolph's work entitled Everyday Lovers plays at the Quad April 27 - May 9

The Quad announces the first-ever retrospective of renowned independent filmmaker Alan Rudolph, including the U.S. premiere of his first feature in 15 years, Ray Meets Helen—with Alan Rudolph and Keith Carradine in person!

With over 20 titles including Choose Me, The Moderns, Trouble in Mind, Remember My Name and more

Alan Rudolph is a kindred spirit to filmmakers on the order of Jonathan Demme and his mentor Robert Altman, evincing an abiding interest in everyday and intimate human behavior, and in the social milieus we place ourselves in and/or from which we try to extricate ourselves. The son of an actor-turned-director, Rudolph learned the ropes as an assistant director; working on movies such as Nashville, he enjoyed a creative communion with Altman, who would produce a host of Rudolph’s features as writer/director. By the 1980s Rudolph had hit his stride, remaining prolific in his output as an independent filmmaker through the beginning of this century. Actors lined up, and re-upped, to be part of his eclectic ensembles wending their way through relationship entanglements in locations ranging from the offbeat to the enshrined in memory. Despite telling several stories set abroad and in the past, the filmmaker notably traversed cities and towns in 20th-century America that were both changing and timeless, with special attention paid to his native West Coast.

This first-ever retrospective of his work incorporates the U.S. premiere of his first feature in 15 years, Ray Meets Helen. Prepare for sudden romance, shady doings, flights of fancy—and a wealth of cool musical accompaniment both on-screen and on the soundtrack.

Alan Rudolph & Keith Carradine are available for select interviews. To request an interview please email

Special thanks to Nellie Killian
Afterglow Alan Rudolph, 1997, U.S., 119m, 35mm
Breakfast of Champions Alan Rudolph, 1999, U.S., 110m, 35mm
Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson Robert Altman, 1976, U.S., 123m, 35mm
California Split Robert Altman, 1974, U.S., 108m, DCP
Choose Me Alan Rudolph, 1984, U.S., 106m, 35mm
Equinox Alan Rudolph, 1992, U.S./Canada, 110m, 35mm
Investigating Sex Alan Rudolph, 2001, U.S./Germany, 108m, 35mm
The Long Goodbye Robert Altman, 1973, U.S. 112, DCP
Love at Large Alan Rudolph, 1990, U.S., 97m, 35mm
Made in Heaven Alan Rudolph, 1987, U.S., 103m, 35mm
The Moderns Alan Rudolph, 1988, U.S., 127m, 35mm
Mortal Thoughts Alan Rudolph, 1991, U.S., 103m, 35mm
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle Alan Rudolph, 1994, U.S./Canada, 125m, 35mm
Nashville Robert Altman, 1975, U.S., 160m, DCP
Remember My Name Alan Rudolph, 1978, U.S., 95m, 35mm
Roadie Alan Rudolph, 1980, U.S., 106m, 35mm
The Secret Lives of Dentists Alan Rudolph, 2002, U.S., 104m, 35mm
Songwriter Alan Rudolph, 1984, U.S., 104m, 35mm
Trixie Alan Rudolph, 2000, U.S., 116m, 35mm
Trouble in Mind Alan Rudolph, 1985, U.S., 111m, 35mm
Welcome to L.A. Alan Rudolph, 1976, U.S., 106m, 35mm

Ray Meets Helen

Opens Fri May 4—U.S. premiere engagement

Alan Rudolph, U.S., 100m, DCP
Rudolph's first feature in 15 years is a drama with humor about the province of, as he says, “good chance,” accordingly reuniting him with Keith Carradine for their sixth movie together. Ray (Carradine) and Helen (Sondra Locke, in her first film in 17 years) are each burdened with money woes and life regrets. But when windfalls come their way, they each seize the day to reinvent themselves—and meet for the first time in their newly devised identities. A Moonstone Entertainment release.

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