Thursday, April 19, 2018

In Brief: The Gospel According to Andre (2017) Tribeca 2018

Wonderful bio of fashion editor André Leon Talley as told by the man and the people who love and admire him.

I don't have a great deal to say other than buy a ticket and take a ride. Kate Novack's film is just a great deal of fun. I laughed and smiled all the way through the film and came out on the far end a fan. That may not sound like much but I went into the film having zero desire to see it and only did so because the trip into the city for pre-fest screenings was only worth it if I stayed for two films.

My only quibble with the film is I which Novack could have found a way to make Andre's life before college not sound like so many other tales of people growing up poor in the South. Andre is much to special for a regular telling of any tale.

Highly recommended the film is screening on April 25th at Tribeca with a Q&A with both the director and subject.

For ticket information go here.

The film will be released by Magnolia on May 25

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