Friday, March 5, 2021

Conference of Birds (2021)

CONFERENCE OF BIRDS is something special. The film is the story of three young men who encounter a poet looking for the sun. What follows is a journey that is both mythic and mundane, magical and ordinary.

On the face of it CONFENCE OF BIRDS is an inde story of three young men in the wilds of Florida. However the film takes a left turn once things get started to be come poetic and mystical. Reality comes theatrical, real life becomes something greater.

I've been trying to figure out how to really describe this film, but I really can't. That's a good thing and a bad thing. It's bad because unless you see the whole film you really aren't going to understand what it is or why it's doing it. For example there are the halos look a bit odd, however by the time you get to the end, by the time you've made the whole journey, they don't feel out of place.

And that is key to really getting this film, it requires you give yourself over to it and take it on it's own terms. This is a film you have to work with. You need  to let it do what it is going to do and you have to forgive the  bumps and just let it tell its story. 

That all may sound lie I am over selling the film or making excuses but I'm not. This is a gem of a film that needs to be taken on its own terms. Its exactly the sort of film that Unseen Films was set up to highlight. At the same time story telling is just far enough off the beaten track that some people may not know how to handle it.

The best way to experience the film is to simply  watch it and take it on its own terms, if you do that then you may find it to be something special and to be treasured.

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