Friday, March 12, 2021

Long Live Rock (2021)

Mommy’s music is loud-daughter of a rock fan

Long Live Rock is  look at the family of rock and roll musicians and their fans. The film is a celebration of a “genre” of rock that is constantly claimed to be dead but which still manages to fill stadiums and festivals every year.

While there is nothing really wrong with LONG LIVE ROCK there really isn’t anything you probably haven’t seen before. Filled with lots of stories of fans going to see their favorite bands and finding a home, it is very much like any number of other films on various bands of all sorts. Equally been there and done that is the talking head interviews with the various rock stars. While there are some gems in the film, much of what Tom Morello says is choice, there is a sameness to the platitudes especially since we’ve heard them in countless other films on rock and rock bands.

I suspect that this world have played better in a theater where the big pictures and big sound could overwhelm us, as it is it just sort of is.

Worth a look for those who are curious but nothing you need to see.

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