Tuesday, March 2, 2021

This years New York International Children's Film Festival hits Friday

Friday is the start of this year's New York International Children's Film Festival, one of the best fests in the world today. It is the one fest that I have been going to since it started.

How good is the festival? It is a festival that one year managed to pry some of the Ghibli Museum shorts from the hands of Hayao Miyazaki and run them for audiences in New York. The festival is so well programmed that it spun off G-Kids films to release the wonderful films they find every year. (Which has had one of their films in the Oscar mix every year since it was founded)

I love this festival to death.

And before you ask- no it's not just for kids-I know a lot of adults who go to the festival simply because the films they program are light years ahead of any other fest.

As some of you know the last weekend of the festival was canceled last year due to covid. This year that can't happen since all the screenings are virtual and run from Friday the 5th through the 14th with the films available at anytime (details here)

Normally at this point every year I say that I've seen most of the movies already and give you a brief list of the ones to see. That is not happening this year because I've only seen a couple of the features and officially a few of the shorts.  The reason for this is that this year I did not bother the festival for screening links because the festival is only virtual I wanted to have the sensation of actually going to the festival. (Though I wonder how they are going to do a T-shirt toss)

That said I have seen the following films:


And with that I am going to direct you to the NYICFF website to buy lots of tickets and to say check back in order to see our reviews of the films we see.

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