Friday, March 5, 2021

My Dad is A Heel Wrestler (2020) NYICFF 2021

Young Shota  doesn't know what his dad does for a living, and is shocked to discover that he is the masked wrestler called the Cockroach that everyone loves to hate. Shaken that is dad is a "bad guy" Shota with draws from his dad and lies to his friends. Is there a way for a good guy pretending to be bad can reconnect with his son?

Yes, yes there is and it is certain to be one f the most uplifting experiences of the year. 

One part father/son tale, one part wrestling redemption story, one part coming of age tale and one part feel good MY DAD IS A HEEL WRESTLER will make you laugh cry and scream at your TV. This is a glorious family film that hits all the right notes and never feels wrong in anything it does. In an age when "family" films are produced and packaged for maximum viewership and return for the producers MY DAD... feels genuine. This is a film that is coming from the filmmakers hearts not from a burning desire to make gobs of cash. While it all feels real, or as real as a wrestling centric family film can be. I was hooked  from start to finish because I genuinely liked everyone on screen and I never felt that I was being manipulated. 

I laughed, I cried, I desperately want to get myself a copy of this film because it made me feel so damn good.

Highly recommended, this is on my list of favorite films of the year.

(And note to those of you who love wrestling- the matches are awesome)

MY DAD IS A HEEL WRESTLER is playing at NYICFF through March 14th. Single films are $18 but the full fest is $40 so if you want to see more than one film buy the festival pass. For information go here

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