Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Night Shot (2020) Neighboring Scenes 2021

Carolina Moscoso's gut punch meditation on rape was assembled from a decades worth of film. It is not strictly speaking a film about the act but about the seismic change that occurs within the victim and the inability of society to give her justice.

One part documentary, one part meditation, and one art essay Moscoso's film is a heady trip that will rock you. More concerned with creating a head space that effects our thinking, and thus changing the way we see the world, NIGHT SHOT works us over. This isn't a film that goes from A to B to C and allows us to simply walk away. Instead this film puts us into the mind of its director and has us wander around in her shoes for a while altering our perceptions and forcing us to truly engage with what sexual violence is. To be certain it can be a bit chaotic and seeming uncertain as to what it all means but I would think having your world altered in such a violent manner will do that to you

Simply put this film left me staring at the screen, trying desperately to piece together what to say. On the other hand this film is such an emotional rollercoaster and trip into the head space of another person that writing on the film is incredibly difficult since the act of seeing the film is not one can adequately express in words any more than one can explain what riding a rollercoaster is. I can do it but only to those who have ridden a coaster since the act of doing, or in this case seeing will give us a shared vocabulary.

To that end see NIGHT SHOT at Neighboring Scenes and experience the things I am in aable of expressing in words.

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