Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Joe Finds Grace (2020)


Joe is a young man with facial deformities and slow mental abilities who leaves his home in order to try and find his younger sister.

One of a kind film mixes a variety of storytelling styles in order to tell its sweet tale of a young man on the road. This is a film made by a director who never felt constrained by needing to stay inside of any sort of cinematic lines as sound and silent film convention mix, as does live action and animation and color and black and white. Reality and fantasy dance together.  Director Anthony Harrison uses what ever means he felt was necessary at at moment to tell his story. The result is a film that can be daunting, but it is also one that if we are willing to go with will move us deeply 

JOE FINDS GRACE is a must see for any long time reader of Unseen Films. I say this because if you have been with the site over the last decade plus you completely understand that some of the best and most interesting films are off the beaten path and this film is most certainly that.

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