Tuesday, March 23, 2021

OXFORD Film Festival 2021 Curtain Raiser


The Oxford Film Festival starts tomorrow and it has a killer line up.

As most of you know the Oxford Film Fest is one of the great hidden treasures of the festival year. Not only is it full of great films , it more importantly it is full of great people and over the years I have found myself with many ne friends simply because I covered the festival.

I love this festival, and if it wasn’t for Covid I would have been there  this year.

For those wondering the festival is going half in person and half virtual, so do yourself a favor- go to the website and look around and screen some movies.

As much as I adore the festival my coverage this year is going to be limited. You don’t need to know the gory details, but all you need to know is that life jumped me and limited my time to properly commit to the festival. I have seen some films and the reviews will be running when I can get them up.

I’ve also seen  a few films previously and those films can be found here.


And with that I ask you to simply go to the website and pick some films and go crazy.

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