Sunday, March 7, 2021

Spring Blossoms (2020) Rendez- Vous With French Cinema 2021

A dance sequence begins

Suzanne Lindon writes, directs and stars in SPRING BLOSSOMS, the story of a smart 16 year old who purses a relationship with an actor roughly twice her age.

Okay, let me deal with the large elephant in the room, namely the age difference between the characters. Before you go nuts, the relationship is portrayed as pretty much platonic, Its not sensationalistic, and there is nothing really wrong with it. That said because we live in a society where we are constantly looking out for predators the film appears to raise some potentially uncomfortable questions. Having looked at the film twice I'm don't think there are darker shades are in this film, and anyone seeing them is bringing them in from the outside. To me the film is simply a coming of age film that raises questions based that, with the most basic being simply can young women and an older man be friends? I'll not speculate your reaction to it since I don't knw where your head space is , but to me there is nothing to react too..

Age difference aside this is a largely okay coming of age tale of a young woman trying to find her place in the world. It isn't particularly deep but it is pleasing in it's own way. This film kind of reflects how a  20 year old  filmmaker would would view the world looking back to when she was 16 (which is the actual situation here). Its well made and and well acted but it isn't weighty. 

In fairness the film shows great promise  in regard to Lindon since she as a filmmaker she manages to do so much right. She shows her promise best in the sequences when the film come to life with "dance" sequences which are used to convey emotion via nonverbal means. They are small gems and they can't help but put smiles on your face.

While far from next big thing, it does something than most alleged big things never do and that is entertain.

Worth a look.

Available March 8 at noon ET to March 13 at noon ET

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