Friday, March 5, 2021

The Affair (2021) hits VOD today


The Affair is based on the novel The Glass Room by Simon Mawer.  The film tells the story of two women who are best friends. When one of them marries a famous architect the women drift into having an affair. However time and war threaten to tear the women apart. It is largely set in the house designed by the husband which is includes a large glass room with an onyx wall.

For me this is a gorgeous but cold film. The film is very much set in a world where everything is ordered an out in the “open”, except that it’s not. It is a film working over time on metaphor with the whole idea of a glass box world that we are observing being a big push for meaning. I’m not sure it’s there.

With the meaning gone we are left with the characters and while the performances are quite good they still remain distant. I only connected fleeting to them in odd moments.

Mostly I felt this was an over stage managed film. While it makes for an absolutely stunningly beautiful film, it is also kind of lifeless.

I was not a fan of the film I did manage to stick it out to the end and its excellent final image.

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