Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tribeca Day 3- COMING SOON: Reviews,Reports and Martin Freeman

Long day in the salt mine had me up from 5:30 AM and getting home at 12:30 AM, so I'm too beat to do anything approaching reviews or reports.

I saw three films today:

THE ISLAND OF HUNGRY GHOSTS is a docu-essay-narrative. It's it's own thing that will thrill you if it clicks with you. There is much to say about it.

UNITED SKATES is wonderful documentary about  the death of roller rinks and how that has effected the African American communities across the country. Its really good

Jon Kasbe's WHEN LAMBS BECOME LIONS is a visually stunning look at the people who are on other sides of ivory poaching. I have a lot to say so expect a long review of a film that I consider truly great. (I also hope to be posting the Q&A)

I went to the Dolby Studios Masterclass on Sound and Music in film and was blown away. What was random unplanned drop in was absolutely fantastic. A report is coming.

Lastly I spoke with Martin Freeman about CARGO and GHOST STORIES. It was a wonderful talk only marred by a connection so low I couldn't record it. I have a written report done in long hand- o to just retype it.

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