Saturday, November 16, 2019

Anna (2019)

Middle aged single mother desperate for change decides to go to a party where single American men will be to try her luck.

Good small slice of life feels like this is part of a much bigger story. I want to see what happens on either side of this film which is big a ave as you can get.

As great as this film is, and it is duper from top to bottom I have to single out star Svetlana Barandich, who gives one of the great performances I've seen in 2019. This is a towering achievement that makes me want to see her go toe to to with Gena Rowlands who is perhaps the only force of nature who could possible not get lost in her presence. How in the hell has this woman not come on my radar before this?

Yea ANNA is a great film and you'll want to see it because it's so good but when it's done you'll be talking about Svetlana Barandich.


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