Monday, November 11, 2019


A look at Peter Bergson who created established the Natural Creativity Center outside Philadelphia.The school strives to use unconventional means to teach the kids via trying to direct the learning through what interests them. His methods are put to the test when he takes on three inner city kids who are incredibly bright but have other issues

Intriguing look at what maybe a better way of teaching kids and the pros and cons related to it. As someone who had parents who followed Bergson's idea that if you allow kids to explore they will learn as they go, I am certain that the ideas actually do work. And we do get to see some of Bergsen's successes. However there are problems, one of Bergson's students is brilliant but doesn't have the required basics. What can he do?

While the film is undoubtedly a bit too rah rah at times the film does raise a lot of intriguing questions which hang with us for hours and days after seeing the film. Frankly this is a film I will have to revisit before I can truly do a proper write up- which is what is required of any great film.

Recommended for anyone interested in schooling alternatives

UNSCHOOLED plays again November 13th at DOC NYC. For tickets or more information go here.

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