Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Blood in the Snow 2019 Shorts: Le otto dita della morte, ROMI, UTUKKE, TO NO MOAN'S LAND, SHE MUST VANISH and NEW WOMAN

A woman's life is made hellish when her virtual assistant dredges up a past tragedy. An interesting idea kind of goes off the rails at some point as the line between not explaining too much and not explaining enough get crossed in the wrong direction. I've watched the short a couple of times to see why the film didn't click with me and while I understand what happens and why there doesn't seem to be enough back story to justify what happens, with the very end not quite working on an emotional level.

Bullied girl in high school uses voodoo to exact revenge. The first thing I should say is that this is not a bloody ugly revenge tale but something else. Yea its a revenge tale but how it goes and where it ends up is not what I expected...and as a result I was pleasantly surprised. So much so that I immediately watched it a second time so I cold take it in on its own terms. Those terms make for something low key and special, and containing a great deal of suspense. Recommended.

Pilot episode for a prospective series about an intergalactic troubleshooter who gets mixed up in political intrigue. There is a reason I loath to review pilot episodes with nothing to follow and that is situations like this where they give us a good set up with lots of potential and then it just stops. I have no idea how this will play out long term but I want to see what happens next.

A witch comes to a small sea side town. Form over content horror film has some stunning imagery (the ending is haunting) and some genuine chills but the shortness of the film doesn't fully allow for the story to breath the way it should. We need to know more if this is to be fully satisfying.  I would love to see a longer version with a few more details...

A woman who traveled from Europe in 1888 to North America meets a man on the road and takes him home... and to say more would be telling. Good looking film, with riffs a couple of classic films, is a nifty little mood piece. While I could quibble about the pacing, I will not quibble about anything else other than to say I would love to see this expanded into a feature because I want to see more of this story. There is a great story and killer central character here and I would love to see it fully explored. As it is it is a sweet little film

Le otto dita della morte
Four minute long giallo done in the style of a giallo trailer. What can I say except its a perfect homage to the form.

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