Monday, November 11, 2019

Coastal Road Killer (2019) DOC NYC 2019

Israeli produced docu-series follows the shocking discovery that someone in the 1970's and 80's was traveling up the coastal road in Israel and killing women and depositing their bodies all along the the highway. What is shocking is that to a large degree no one had actually connected up the dots.

I am intentionally going to keep this review brief because this is the sort of film that starts off with you looking at it wondering "why am I watching this?" because it doesn't seem to be all that complicated...and then the next thing you realize is you are hooked because you have to see how this comes out, as more women go missing, suspects appear and.... well to say any more would be telling.

Seriously this is a series that quietly hooks you and then leaves you sitting on the edge of the road in a ditch wondering what car you just got thrown out of. Personally I got to the end stared at the screen for a minute or two before starting it all over again.

Talk about binge watching... It may be two and a half hours long but it certainly doesn't feel it.

I loved this film. I loved being dragged along which is why this piece is so brief.

COASTAL ROAD KILLER played it's one screening last night- but this is too good not to show up elsewhere. Do keep an eye out because you're going to want to see this not once but multiple times- I've seen it twice and I want to go again.

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