Friday, November 8, 2019


PICK UP GAME plays November 8
This is a troubling look at the hundred million dollar player industry which is eared toward teaching men how to manipulate women into going to bed with them. Consisting of interviews, films of the classes and demonstrations the film walks us through the techniques used to bed women and the men who teach them.  Full of cocky self assured guys who see nothing wrong with sleeping with every women they meet this film is every parents nightmare made real (and we do see the dark side). Watching it I was depressed in that women are reduced to pawns to be played. In some ways this should be required viewing for young women so that they become aware of the techniques being deployed against them.

SCHOOL OF SEDUCTION plays November 9
This is an interesting look at a school in Russia that teaches women the way to land and keep men. Following several women in and out of the class we get a sense of who it would be that would take a class like this. In one case it is simply a desire to add spark to her relationship, while another young woman wants her lover not to leave her and a third simply wants someone to buy her an apartment. The reasons portrayed are varied and more complex than simply wanting to bed the next guy that comes along. Worth a look.

LYUBOV – LOVE IN RUSSIAN plays November 14th
This is a moving and at times poetic film about love. It follows Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich as she talks to every day people about love in all its forms. Not man on the street or typical talking head interviews, Alexievich sits down with her subjects in their homes and really talks to them on a one to one personal level. The result is a series of discussions that suck us in, drag us along and most importantly think about what we are seeing. If you want food for thought this film is highly recommended.

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