Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Brief thoughts on The Internet of Everything (2020)

Brett Gaylor looks at whether the Internet is now a good thing or bad thing and if we really need to be as connected to things as we are.

This fast moving documentary will make you take a brief pause to wonder about the technological interconnectedness of us all. Is this a good thing? Gaylor isn't always certain, and neither should we be since you have to wonder if having all our information out in the cloud is a good thing and whether we really need the internet connected to everything that it is.

While I like Gaylor's film a great deal I am left to wonder if it wouldn't have been better served in a film twice it's length. Granted I know that this was made for Canadian Broadcasting, but at the same time so much material is thrown at us that there was more than a couple of times I really wish we had explored a subject more Then again this could be the starting place for something more

Informative and compelling THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING is recommended.

Currently on Amazon Prime in the US and UK

Coming June 12 to Youtube on Reel Truth

Coming June 13 to Youtube on Reel Truth Science

Coming Soon to Youtube on Real Stories (US/UK)

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