Sunday, June 14, 2020

Brief Thoughts on SNOWPIERCER Episode 5

As a murder trial is set up class divisions begin to show. The rich and powerful feel slighted that the sociopath in their midst is not walking scottfree. The lower classes want representation in the trial since they were the ones killed and the Tailies want Layton, who everyone says in the tail but is really MIA.  Everything goes sideways really fast as revolt seems in the air.

And  his maybe the point the show goes off the rails. Suddenly juggling way too many balls in the air and pushing so many threads forward in ways that make you go - "how are they doing this?"this maybe the moment where the show implodes. It is certainly the point at which I am considering getting off.

Too much is going on. Worse way too many characters are just cartoons. The whole evil rich people thing is laughably awful, not only for the cliche writing but because the mechaniations don't fully make sense. This is by the numbers cliche writing and it is a clear indication of the trouble that was known to be happening in the production.

I hated this episode so much. I could tell what was happening way before it happened. Worse it went there over the worst possible road. This episode feels like it was there just to move the plot forcefully and violently in a new direction. It did but it also crashed things into a big block of ice.


I'm gonna watch one more episode and if it doesn't improve I'm hanging it up.

As this posted I learned that TNT has given me access to the rest of the series. I will be watching to see where it goes so look for more reports.

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