Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Phenomenon (2020)

 Stunning UFO documentary is one of the best ever made. as a guy who has hundreds of books on the subject and thousands of hours of films on the subject this is one of the best I've ever rn across.

Produced by a large number of great people including Jacques Valles,  Lee Spiegel and George Knapp the film is a summation of everything we know up to the moment. Essentially a retelling of the history of the UFO phenomena from the 1940's until now the film lays it all ot with a frightening precision you never see in docs on the subject.

What I love about the film is it adds in small details that have been added in concerning the US government involvement that we never saw until recently that make it clear these people were not lying (not that I ever thought they were) and the government was scared.  Additionally there are photos and stories I never heard before which helped keep it fresh.

This is a truly great film. Whether yo believe or not this film is a must see because you really need to know that these things are happening.

Highly recommended.

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