Sunday, August 8, 2021

Breakout Brothers (2021) NYAFF 2021


Trio of inmates have to breakout of prison for various reason. One needs to go to his daughters wedding, another has to clear his name and a third needs to give his mother a kidney. Will they escape?

This is a very good caper film. Yea it hits a lot of the expected plot points but at the same time it turns some of them on their head. (no I won't tell you what). It also gives us some characters we can root for. Sure they are probably nicer than guys we'd meet in prion but at the same time they are perfect for a movie. 

I had a blast watching this film. Honestly this was a film I wasn't going to cover but something told e to try it and I did and I'm glad.

Playing the virtual part of the New York Asian Film Festival BREAKOUT BROTHERS is recommended.

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