Sunday, August 8, 2021

We interrupt the reviews witha few quick notes:

 Just a reminder that because of the avalanche of NYAFF, Fantasia, Bentonville and Asian American International Film Festival coverage (as well as my stating coverage for Japan Cuts) the 4th part of my Filmmakers To Search Out list is delayed. It's mostly done- as are parts 5 to 8 but I need to add art and a few more links. Hopefully next Sunday I can continue.


I know some of you ae looking askew at some of the very shot festival reviews. It was bothering me too until I discovered they are actually longer than some of the reviews I linked together in an in person festival report. Since they are just being put out as stand alone pieces they just seem short.


My interviews of Marq Evans and Erik Oh are almost ready to go up. They were paused because of festival coverage and my desire not to lose them in a flood of  over hundred festival reviews.


I now return you to you regular scheduled postings

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