Saturday, August 7, 2021

Wonderful Paradise (2021) Fantasia 2021 Japan Cuts 2021

Road accident film is either going to work for you or not. It didn't work for me to the point I really don't understand how any festival picked this up.

The plot of the film has an obnoxious family moving out of their huge home. As they don't pack their things, a holy an runs around, the movers show up, the daughter announces a party on social media, a wedding happens and things just go weird.

Operating without a real narrative this is a collection of odd events. People die, there is a blood soaked wedding, people behave badly, and the audience is left scratching their heads. I have no idea what the point of this is other than being strange and absurd. There is no reason for this to exist.

I was watching the first half hour and just stared at the screen wondering who made this mess and can we prevent them from ever doing so again. Yes there are moments- the wedding is the highlight.- but most of this is not worth the lost of the time from my life.

This movie should be flushed- and if not flushed avoided at all costs.

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