Saturday, November 12, 2022

How To Save A Dead Friend (2022) DOC NYC 2022

How to Save a Dead Friend will crush you. The film is  decade plus story of to lovers living on the fringes of Putin’s Russia. Marusya Syroechkovskaya and Kimi meet and while they are both basically trying to live fast and die young, they find a bond that kind of cuts short their plans to end their lives as they end up marrying and building a life together as best they can. Unfortunately they are still on the fringes and things are not always happy.

Filmed by Marusya over decade plus this is a brutally honest look at life in Russia for the marginalized. These are not the rich oligarchs or the “regular folk”. Instead this is the life of the poor and unseen. These are the people who really don’t have any sort of line to better life.  Worse because of the strife of their lives they are forever living on the razor’s edge.

This is not a side of Russia Putin would want anyone to see. Putin would not like anyone to think that anyone is pushed out but they are. This document of those on the margins is full of great sadness. Its a sadness we need to feel so we can change their situations


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