Saturday, November 26, 2022


A woman spends time alone listening to a relaxation tape.

This small confection gave me one of the biggest reactions of the year. A quiet tale of relaxation ends up being one of the most disturbing films of the year. I have no idea if that’s what Matthew Levine intended but this film kicked my ass. I have no idea why, but something about the marriage of sound and image is incredibly powerful.

This is brilliant filmmaking. Everything in this film is just masterful. Levine is operating at the highest cinematic levels. The look and feel of the film is similar to the best work of Lorcan Finnegan whose films FOXES, VIVARIUM and WITHOUT NAME are disturbing before anything spooky happens.

This is how you make a horror film.

I’ve seen other films from Levine and I’ve enjoyed them, but frankly TRUSTED HANDS pushes things into a new level. Give this man a seat at the feature film table.

An absolute must see.

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