Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Merry And Gay (2022) hits VOD December 1

Two mothers attempt to bring their daughters back into each other's lives. The girls had been best friends and high school sweethearts but drifted apart when one went off to New York and Broadway.

This utterly charming romantic comedy is going to win you over. I know it won me over. This kind of by the numbers romance has charm to burn thanks to the great cast, which sells everything from the first frame.  I fell into it because I just started smiling at everyone going through their paces as they had a grand old time.

To be certain the mother's schtick can be a bit silly but the romance is spot on.  The two ladies at the heart of this tale, Dia Frampton and Andi Rene Chistiansen are a winning pair and I would love to see them paired again. What I love is that you genuinely like both of them, which isn't something you find in most romcoms where one of the lovers is much more interesting than the other. That's not the case here so we have an extra special romance.

What a wonderful Christmas present.


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