Tuesday, August 3, 2021

BRING YOUR OWN BRIGADE In Theaters August 6, On CBSN & Paramount+ August 20

 Chilling look at the wild fires that are running through the American west. This is a film that explores  why it is happening, how we can stop it and ends up revealing some unexpected bits of information.

This is a tough film. Much of the first hour are images of the recent wild fires that scorched California. In telling a detailed story of what happened and why we are dropped into the fires themselves. It becomes a crushing experience. Once we truly grasp the horrors of the fires we begin to  look into the whys and hows. 

This film is a stunner. This is a film that we all need to see. Partly because it tells the story f the fires now, but more important it does something so few documentaries of any sort does and that is put its subject into a historical context. For example the original Europeans who came to California didn't land because the land was on fire.... no one mentions that, and as a result we really can't fix the problem. 

I really loved this film. I love the images and the depth of the discussions. Mostly I love the humanity of everyone on the screen.

I can't recommend this film enough.

Highly recommended. (Though be warned the fire footage is truly frightening)

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