Monday, June 1, 2020

Snaeland (2020) Brooklyn 2020

Down on his luck reporter is sent to a small town in Iceland to cover a non-existent story about an annual midnight orgy. The event never happens and he is left without a story...until he comes upon a woman who may be an infamous nanny who killed her charge. The problem is she supposedly killed herself.

This okay thriller never caught fire for me. I am not certain if it is because of the unevenness in the acting (some of the acting is better in some languages than in others) or because there really isn't much here. The problem for me is the events feel stretched out, with turns like one of the characters being a peeping tom, feeling like it was put there just to keep things interesting. In a weird way the whole film feels like it the reporters initial story, it was supposed to be one thing and then it became something else in order to justify its existence.

While never bad it never fully engaged me. Yea I wanted to to find out how it ended but I was already looking for the next thing by the time it ended.

Playing for free at the Brooklyn Film Festival, details on how to see it can be found here.

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