Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cartel Land (2015) tribeca 2015

Bleak down beat look at the war on drugs and on the influx of drugs from Mexico where the various drug cartels have strangle hold.

Telling the twin stories of Tim "Nailer" Foley who heads a militia group that patrols the border in Arizona that looks for drug runners looking to bring trouble into the US. We also get the story of Dr. Jose Mireles who heads a paramilitary group in the Mexican state of Michoacán. The group is attempting to drive out the cartels. A dark tale full of action and twists, the film slowly gives you a sense of hope that things might be better in Mexico only to make you realize in the end that what may look to be good may in fact not be. Corruption seems to be everywhere in one form or another, and no one is untouched.

I really like this film a great deal. It’s a kick in the head and poke I the eye and the sort of thing you’ll want to see a second time since you’ll want to see things from the perspective of having all of the final revelations at the end. I’m guessing it will all play differently.

If there is anything that is wrong with the film is that a late in the game revelation about Dr Mireles‘s personal life seems too calculated. While I understand the reasoning for its placement there is to show that no one is a saint, for me it felt as though it was a manipulation of the time line. I’m guessing the events happened earlier. (while I understand why it’s there I still don’t think it belongs since considering the other “corruption” shown in the film its small potatoes.)

One of the must see films of the festival- or the year. (A&E made it so look for it at a theater near you soon)

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